LEOPOLD COLLABS WITH AUSTIN YOUNGLEOPOLD by AUSTIN YOUNGhttps://www.facebook.com/events/538888462935698/


at Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) -a video art installation work . open Dec. 5-Jan24 https://www.facebook.com/events/538888462935698/

TBD The Musical
An ongoing public participatory artwork, exhibition and video about coming of age and identity by Austin Young and everyone who came.

With music by Fol Chen, BEACH (aka Bitch), Princess Frank and The Killsisters, Juliana Snapper, and Phranc and choreography by Nina NcNeely, WIFE, and Lou Becker.

Conceived and directed by Austin Young
co-written and performed by everyone who came.
Editing: Emily Lacy and Austin Young
Camera: Kurt Keppeler, Austin Young, Timothy Griggs, and Saskia Wilson Brown
Costumes and styling: Cake and Eat It, Squeaky Blonde, Taryn Piana, Sharon McGunigle
Makeup: John Stapleton, Ridge Gallagher

makeup provided by MAC Cosmetics

The public is invited to become co-creators by attending one or more workshops. Each workshop will become a musical number in the evolving production, TBD.

To participate think of a story about growing up. It can be yours or someone else’s that had an influence on. Sign up for the workshop of your choice. What would you prefer to do: dance, sing, play music, and/or make costumes? You’ll receive a list of instructions. Have fun. Be yourself. It’s that easy!

makeup provided by MAC Cosmetics

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