Leopold loves Carmen Miranda!

A little homage for our great and unique Brazilian Artist, the phenomenal Carmen Miranda, our pride and joy.

Every time that I am homesick, I bring the Carmen’s tropicalia realm into my life. I comforts me.

Rio Miranda

Carmen also brought relief in the 40’s to all the American people while the war was being wrapped. Everyone wanted to go to Rio after falling in love with Carmen’s performance and wildly colorful South American world.

Thank you Carmen Miranda!

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So excited to share with you guys this Naira’s (my fantastic mother’s name), recipe! Anything is more and better with Champagne!

She LOVES and know how to throw a good party, look at us singing our hearts out:


It’s a strawberry punch with champagne and whine wine.


First because it’s so so so super easy and

I do remember her making this in every party and everyone loving it! Sometime she added mint to it as well, or even rosemary. Be creative, have fun and this is a great way to leave something ready to go before your people starts popping in for your party. Can’t wait to prepare this next get together here in my place. Who is coming?

Please comment and let me know your thoughts or if you have another punch recipe please send my way. Let’s do it!



in portuguese first:

2 caixas de morangos limpos
2 xicaras de acucar
2 garrafas de vinho branco
2 garrafas de champagne
2 garrafas de agua mineral com gas

Limpe os morangos e corte ao meio. Coloque numa vasilha e cubra com o acucar.
Acrescente 1 garrafa de vinho
Leve a geladeira e deixe descansar por uma hora
Coloque numa poncheira
Acrescente o vinho restante, o champagne e a agua mineral, tudo bem gelado

Da umas 30 porcoes




STRAWBERRY PUNCH FOREVER, couldn’t resist and added the (forever) Viva Beattles!

in english right here guys:

2 boxes of strawberries

2 cups of sugar

2 bottles of white wine

2 bottles of champagne

2 bottles of sparkling water

Clean the strawberries and slice them in the middle. Put in a container and cover them with sugar.

Add a bottle of white wine

Take to the fridge and let it rest for an hour.

Put everything in a punch jar.

Add the other bottle, the champagne and the water, all chilled.

It serves 30 people