Leopold Nunan Bio

Leopold Nunan is an award-winning performer, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, model and choreographer with roots native to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A chameleon, he charismatically transforms from macho samba dancer to harlequin, from a diaphanous angel to a fearsome tribal chief, from cabaret character, classic vaudevillian or haute couture prancer to goofy nerd. To date, he has created innumerous characters for the stage.

Leopold began his career venture at the tender age of 13 in classical/contemporary ballet, and theater, playing leading roles in productions such as Hair, and Sweet Charity. He launched his own dance company and won multiple awards.

Leopold by Austin Young

At 18, he turned to electronic music for it’s creative expression and struck a popular note with first house music hit “I’ve Got It,” which led to nationwide touring. The music video for the song aired on MTV Brazil and was played in clubs across the country. His follow-up hits “Feel The House” and “Generator” also reached a global audience and cemented his presence in the house music community.


Determined to broaden his horizons and continue upwards in his flourishing career, Nunan decided to pack up and move LA at 23. He has since been an integral part of the LA nightlife and entertainment scene, bringing a Brazilian flavor with him that has led him to land performances at prestigious venues and nightclubs across the greater Los Angeles area.


Nunan opened for Deee Lite’s Lady Miss Kier three times and was enlisted as a model for the Scissor Sister’s ‘Projections’ World Tour. Nunan also ran one of the wildest nights in the LA nightclub scene DRRRAMA! at the Hollywood Standard Hotel.

He has also played the central character in national commercials for products like Coca-Cola and Phillips, and in late 2014, was cast on Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America Season 6, he made into the finals as a cook. 


Leopold currently resides in the City of West Hollywood with his partner, and is making his way back to house music with his first EP in the US. Multiple Personality, Got to Be Strong and Bate Bum Bum are all Leo’s music releases and they all come with a music video.

leopold nunan multiple personalityleopoldcd_gottobestrong_singleLEOPOLD NUNAN - BATE BUM BUM SINGLE COVER