This was hilarious omg! One thing I certainly know is when the cameras are on. hahahahah take a look at this. I was the host of the most legendary Brazilian Carnaval in LA – @Brazilian Nites

Bate Bum Bum shows my appreciation for the beauty of women! Specially Brazilian women who are considered one of the most incredible beauties in this world. I am an openly gay artist, of course, who loves to work with woman and have woman around me, in my back stage, in my videos, everywhere I can.


20160320_1155512 20160320_1155542 20160320_1156052 20160320_1107062 20160320_1106042 20160320_1103482


Omg YES! This is so simple and soooooooooo easy!

Steam the broccoli, leave big long stem so you can you as a handle.

Boil potatoes, shove in a blender with a little bit of soy milk (yes, it’s a dairy free mashed potatoes), salt, pepper, SALTED BUTTER (so important) and bam (!), she is ready! I also steamed a cherry tomato and shaved a little bit of cheddar on top!


Wanna be fierce?

Broil the whole thing for 5 min max on high and this cheddar will get “GRATINEE”


drunken broccolli




Sept 5th – 2015


with Liza MinelliAugust 22nd – 2015

Yes, we are calling it a MINTZATZIKI SAUCE.

Made this attempt of a home made Tzatziki sauce with my partner Thomas and we had a blast preparing it. We changed a little the idea by adding fresh mint and also lemon zest.

You can use as a salad dressing, so light and guilty free.

Also very awesome on top of grilled chicken or as a dip with pitta.

The mint that we added is so refreshing.

It took us 10 minutes from start to finish, we grilled chicken and also prepared a little Mintzatziki salad. Really easy! 


16 oz Greek Yogurt

1 whole 10” cucumber

¼ cup of dill

¼ cup of freshly chopped mint

1 full squeezed lemon

1 tbs of Salt

1 tbs of black pepper

1 tbs of lemon zest

2 tbs of vinager


Peel, cut in half and de-seed the cucumber.

You can grate the cucumber and finely cut everything, or you can simply use your blender. We use our Blendtec 675 for it. 


10 min from start to finish.

Best if refrigerated for a couple of hours before serving.



August 7th – 2015


Leopold and mother

I am so excited that my mother will be visiting LA, from Brazil and I will have the luck to host her for an entire month.


JULY 31st – 2015

So excited to share this! It’s pure simplicity and so extremely easy to make.

EVERYTHING SPICE GRILLED CHICKEN with a Carrot Gazpacho and simply boiled sweet bell peppers with chunks of Feta

Great diet option and full of interesting and comforting flavors and feel.

I would like to start with the Carrot Ginger-Dill Gazpacho I made on a blender. It was so easy to make I was surprised.

– 2 hands full of baby carrots

– 1 clove of giant garlic

– 1/3 of a cup of unflavored rice milk.

– a kiss of soy sauce or Braggs

– salt, paprika and pepper

– dill

– a little bit of vegetable stock

Blended everything in a Blendtec 675 in the soup cycle.

Decorated with dill and peanuts


Marinated in every little spice I had around, even Tapatio. Think big when you are marinating anything, specially if you are cooking without any planning and on the flight. So I worked it out real quick a marination for those thighs. I heated my grill to the top and threw them there…

The bell peppers was even easier, just steamed and feta positioned right on top, just like that. Bam!

Low Carb, 20 min dinner on the gooooo!







July 20th – 2015

Chef Leopold is werking the kitchen! lol!

I wanted to share with you all the last friend’s dinner “night in” I prepare for my guests, simple, easy and so good!

Cod fish “au poivre”, mustard, irish butter and capers. Simply place the fish fillet in a glass oven dish, “paint” the fish with a thick layer of dijon mustard, sprinkle paprika, black and cayenne pepper. On top place chunks of Irish butter. Bake for 13 min in a 400 oven. Simple and fast.

Baby Bell Peppers are so fantastic and super easy:

Clean the peppers and de-seed it. Prepare a simple mix blend of Greek cheese + dill + sundered tomatoes + olives, all minced and finely chopped. Stuff and bake them in 400 oven for 30 min.

The mashed potatoes is actually milk less. Who needs that hard to digest dairy at night anyway?

The secret is my outstanding blender I have, totally recommend if you want luxury in consistency. I blended in my Blendtec 675 designers series. Boiled potatoes (with the skin), irish butter chunks, chicken broth, a little bit of Soy Milk, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Blended in the soup cycle.

BAM! Simple and easy cooking!


chef LEOPOLD cooking up a storm

May 14th – 2015

Leopold Nunan got invited to perform on the brand new Austin Young music video shoot.

May 14th – 2015

The Davi Davenport show will be covering and shooting Leopold Nunan’s big show extravaganza RAW ARTIST on May 22nd at Boulevard 3 – Hollywood.

May 14th – 2015

Just got interviewed by fantastic brazilian website BITS DA MADRUGADA! 

Excited to see it published! I talk about my new mainstream popish TV career and also about my brand new single Multiple Personality, stay tuned! 


MAY – 05 -2015

Maybe, the wildest Carnaval of my life, to date…

This performance was at an old school cinema theatre in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, that was transformed in this hipster rock and roll and electronic, “off Carnaval” party. We say “off Carnaval” because you won’t be listening to samba at this party, although it’s 100% Carnaval, which happens around the end of February. Well, I ended up bringing a “Carnaval like” performance with a rock background sound. That set me up on fire, I stripped, danced, moshed, jumped, when crazy and PUMPED UP THAT CROWD like a animal. Name of the party was SHOUT! WILDEST CARNAVAL OF MY LIFE 35666_114896178556463_8348023_n 46600_129735403739207_1488530_n

MAY 2nd – 2015

Leopold’s first photo shoot!

I was 3 yrs old when this beautiful photography was taken. It was actually my mother’s Naira shoot for her law school graduation and Leo got very upset because there were too many make up artists, hair and wardrobe stylist taken his mothers attention. I literally took all my clothes off and created this wild hissy fit. The photographer didn’t stop shooting and he could capture this sweet moment of my mother trying to calm me down… Very intimate and I do remember this exact moment. Thank you for being such an amazing mother, my best friend!

leopold and mother

APRIL 29th – 2015 

LEOPOLD get his drag drawn by artist Ṣteve Lonberger:

Leopold by Steve Lonbergerleo in drag




APRIL 28th – 2015

LEOPOLD pays tribute to “OS MUTANTES”,

a legendary Brazilian 70’s rock n’ roll pioneer band.

I wanted to promote total cross over and show something completely different to the Los Angeles crowd.

This show was at Mustache Mondays, a queer avant guarde LA downtown local weekly club.

Music at Mustache is commanded by LA’s pride and joy DJ Josh Peace, one of my absolute dance floor heros. The guys is awesome, always brings the best in house, electronic and Mustache knows for sure what good dance floor music really is.

I brought rock and roll made it LIVE and in 100% Portuguese.

I was blessed to grow up listening to Brazilian rock stars like the genius “Rita Lee” and her early band “Os Mutantes”.

This specific group of musicians, art lovers and peace makers, created beautiful music and showed a refreshing new age in Brazilian rock and pop melodic rock.

My look is signed by LA designer: MONGE

leopold at mustache

Leopold at mustache mondays


WATCH THE ENTIRE SHOW HERE by Brian Getnick’s lenses:


APRIL 16th – 2015


You can watch here Leopold preparing a turkey, pork blend meet loaf with mashed potatoes and 3 fungi sauce, then an delicious Branzino Tuscan Caciucco soup on a Safron, Fennel and clams broth.

leopold nunan, worst cooks in america, food network
leopold nunan, worst cooks in america, food network

This is the final episode for Leopold:

Check it out and watch him fight until the end!

Finalists: Genique Freeman, Sarah Betendorf, Kristen Redmond and Leopold Nunan.

Chefs: Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence

Food Network


APRIL 8th – 2015

LEO FROM RIO – summer 2013

performing with band at The Luxe Hotel Downtown LA – LA LIVE opening party.

Performing with dancers Andy Eubanks and Jesse Campos.

Repertoire was: Jorge Ben Jor, Tim Maia and Sergio Mendes.

Bringing all the Rio in me!

621787_416218848424193_63053640_o 622769_477300462282706_342230116_o IMG_1593 IMG_1595 IMG_1598  APRIL 4th – 2015

This was absolutely hilarious to be part of!

Found this “Alice in the Wonderland” audition on Craigslist and here I went to go get it! I danced, sang, act and got the part, I was chosen to be the infamous Cheshire Cat, as you can see in this picture.

Zombie Joe’s theatre ensemble and we did a hell of a wild play! OMG! My Cheshire cat was so sleazy, very sleek, extremely naughty and had, of course, jazz hands. It was a delight! A Brazilian “accented” powerhouse, prrrrr CAT, I brought the debonaire into this character, he was classy but had a street smart quality into it. WE ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH IT! WOW!

I met fantastic performers and made forever friends like Lucas, Jessica Rice, Jana Wilmer and Charlie Romero. Would totally do it again in a heart beat! Good times!


All my love and prayers for my main stage partner/choreographer/dancer the ultra talented JESSE MALDONADO! We are going to get through this my friend, my brother, my family!


leopold birthday party 090


APRIL 1st – 2015

Highways Performance Space – Nov 22nd – 2013


OYA – Goddess of the abundance, waterfalls and courage!

In this performance I had the audacity of embodying the Goddess of Abundance, the warrior OYA.

I was lucky enough to work with one of my favorite artist in LA – Alice Cunt. He designed this all paper made dress and also worked on my make up. He used 18k gold leaves and applied different shades of gold and copper all over. I remember him telling me not to move a lot and wait to move when hit the stage, so I did. When I started moving, singing and performing, the gold started to crack and dissipate into the air. I had literally this beautiful golden dust all around me. Hard to describe! Impossible to forget! I felt just like a warrior and evoked this entity at the Highways Performance Space stage. Had the pleasure of performing on Ian Macinnon’s Queer Mondays event and shared the stage with fantastic drummers, Jacob Rostovsky and Thomas Soveg.

73043_1595230674397_718431_n72491_441907225731_8261426_n69452_144400048939409_4866110_n67245_144400475606033_4654838_n56987_1707786134062_2031989_oOXALA on HPSMARCH 26th – 2015



Performing at TED with cambodian master dancer Prumsodum Ok 202271_10150183316470729_7626861_o

MARCH 23rd – 2015

P-E-R-F-O-M-A-N-C-E!Independant theatre

This was a performance solo art piece I put together for ARTWERK at the INDEPENDENT THEATRE in DOWNTOWN LA.

All shot by Matt Cheney. I sang and covered B.B. KING’s ultra hit: “The thrill is gone”! It was all acapella, no instruments, I used my body, balloons and clap for the beat.

  A wide and wild array of fierce live shows, we all performed at the roof top over looking the sky.

It was a summer night and I was wearing 500+ balloons all around me. I managed, after destroying my knees on the cement, to burst all balloons in the end of the show. All for the art! Keepin’ in pretty much very punk rock all the way! lol

298405_10150748524915234_4794037_n 300223_10150748523900234_6572157_n 300594_10150748525080234_4508964_n 301445_10150748525315234_1194223_nMARCH 22nd – 2015

LISTEN on ITUNES TO MY HOT RADIO VERSION made by legendary italian producer: MIKE GENERALE


MARCH 21st – 2015

My crazy clubby CLOWNS


I have a deep love for clowns in general. I know that Americans just hate clowns, I feel sorry for you who does not enjoy a cray cray clown.

I love dressing clowny and everytime I do, the night it’s always a good night! It doesn’t take me a lot to become one and certainly the clown nose will actually take me there just like magic. It’s full of joy and brings me fantastic childhood Carnaval memories. It’s risque to it’s max, in my opinion, a clown can do anything he or she wants. It’s the freedom that excites and it’s so attractive to me.


I want to give a shout out to my favorite clown ever, drag queen performer, from Rio de Janeiro – Rose Bombom, my drag mother, hilarious and never to be forgotten <3 RIP and VIVA ROSE BOMBOM!

clownFOSFOBOXmustache mondays











His white coat flows like silk

This dog is a legend, cool as milk

Like jazz he bounces all ’round the room

A Pitbull-Dalmation moves to his own tune

With a heart of brass

He invokes the past

Igniting piles of smiles

Yes, the spirit of Miles

by david julius cesar salad

West Hollywood, sept 29th, 2013















IMG_0021MARCH 13th – 2015

It’s PURE DISCO babe! Friday is my absolute favorite day of the week! It’s when you celebrate and let go a little of all the hard work of a whole entire week. It’s dance floor time!

Today, I show you, this fun, light weight and hot version of Multiple Personality made by legendary brazilian Dj/producer Marcos Rezende, Dj Marcao. This fantastic DJ/ avid producer, inspired me to like house music, helped form my music education in house and dance music and he has been bringing excellent house music to the brazilian audience for at least 2 decades now. The guy is a master! We have worked together in many music ventures, our first collaboration was with my very first music hit “I’ve got it” released by brazilian label Utter Records and his version was the most played version ever. A total delight! We also worked together with “Feel the House” and “Ogum Ogum” always delivering a “big room” quality house music. Enjoy!

Marcao Rezende

MARCH 12th – 2015

Multiple Personality is out and OUTSTANDING versions keep popping! Listen to this one, so out of this world made by legendary Italian producer Michele Generale, AKA Mike Generale! 

Mike Generale info and discography:



MARCH 06th – 2015

Whoa! This is so exciting!


My brand new single and music video, MULTIPLE PERSONALITY is officially out. This is also the debut of my own record label, Be it Records. All and everything brand new.


So excited to have “premiering” for me.  

It was 20 hours of shooting de music video, 100+ hours on editing, producing and working on concept. 30 + designers, stylists, music producers, remixers, make up artists and friends helping me in this project. I would never be able to put all this together without the love and talent from my loving friends. I really appreciate your effort and love.

THANK YOU: Thomas Soveg, Mike Generali, Alejandro Godinez, Leo Teixeira, Karol Bfly, Anne Montone Densen and family, Jenn Nice, Christiahn Govan, Dare Hareford, Dee Dee Jackson, Nino Carlo, Mickey Cottrell, Geovanni Juarez, Sister Mantos, Pedro Tavarez, Randall Baxter, Andre Gismonti, John Allen, Terrence Golden, Keith Klipp, Yumillet Portuondo, Austin Young, Alfred Mercado, Sarah Bettendorf, Genique Freeman, Jake Chernobyl, Mike Ston, Shokra LA, Fernando Pires, Renato Baratcho, Boris Rio, Sugar Puppies, Demu Mix, Rik Villa, Leo Garcia, 3-19 dance cia, Highways Performance Space, Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez, Marisa Caichiolo, Omar Rodriguez Diaz, SunKissed Golden, Accidental bear, Mike Enders, Rojas and many others. Love you all!





FEB 17th – 2015 



One of my favorite singers ever CLARA NUNES!

FEB 16th – 2015


lean eggs are in

Summer is around the corner. Get that bikini body back with meals that are less than 400 calories. 

I adore my new favorite veggie scrambled eggs. It’s fresh, fluffy and easy to make, look at this: (serves 2)

– 4 eggs or even better use just eggs whites.

– 1/2 cup of spinach

– 10 heirloom or cherry petite tomatoes 

– 1/4 cup of onion 

– 1/4 of cup of bell peppers (any color red,yellow green) use your favorite

– 1 TBS of finely chopped fresh oregano

Wilt spinach on low flame with no more than 1/3 cup of water until the spinach is reduced. Drain water to save for our egg mix. 

Beat the eggs, add pinch salt and 5 TBS of the spinach water saved.

Start cooking onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with small amount of water, NO oil here. When onions are translucent, add the egg mix.

Don’t overcook the egg, but slowly start adding the spinach water you saved (not too much) to keep everything moist and fluffy. Now add spinach stir into eggs.

Finish with a sprinkle the fresh oregano on top. 

Don’t forget to exercise,walk hike bike and hit the gym! 


FEB 10th – 2015



This season on Worst Cooks in America, 14 new helpless home cooks entered the ranks to be mentored by chefs Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell. Split into the Blue and Red teams, they faced new cooking challenges every week, honing their skills until just two finalists (one from each team) remained to face off in one final cook-off. This week, the remaining four recruits were narrowed down to just two, who next week will face battling one another for the chance to walk away with $25,000 in cash, along with bragging rights for his or her mentor.

FN Dish has the exclusive interviews with the eliminated recruits from the Red Team and the Blue Team who haven’t been chosen to compete in the finale, although coming ever so close.

The “whirling dervish” and “Tasmanian devil,” as Anne liked to call recruit Leo, had a pretty strong six-week run, never having been in the bottom two before. Although his cooking process can only be described as haphazard, he still managed to put out dishes that weren’t that bad. However, he couldn’t always follow directions well, especially when it came to reading recipes, which is what befell him in this episode while making meatloaf. When it came to choosing between him and Kristen, Anne chose Kristen to represent her in the finale, as Kristen had made the most-impressive progress over the six weeks. In the end Leo was sent home.

FN Dish: What did you think when you found out you’d be remaking your meatloaf dish, your signature dish from Episode 1?
Leo: I felt lucky! I really wanted to learn how to make the “real deal” meatloaf.

Your dish ended up coming out off-balance because you mistakenly measured the meat wrong. How did that happen?
I never followed a recipe in my life, and I don’t really measure anything at home. I was too focused on following the recipe and got distracted with the scale. I have a very bad habit of not measuring anything when cooking. I got myself all sorts of measuring tools so I can practice at home, and it makes a huge difference when cooking.

You seemed upset about the way your dish came out, especially after hearing Anne’s comments, but she told you to just shake it off. Do you think it affected your performance in the Main Dish challenge?
No. I had the eye of the tiger for the main dish. I was ready for the fight, mind, body and soul. I gave all I got for the Main Dish challenge.

What were you feeling when you found out your boyfriend was there to taste your cooking?
It was the very first time that I hyperventilated like that in my life. I almost fainted, no joke! I was missing him very much and couldn’t really talk to him during filming, so I felt emotional. I also felt comfortable to have him around at the same time. He is a big supporter of everything I do, my best friend and also the drummer of my band. I felt a little nervous because he is a little picky with food; [he] doesn’t like salt or eat meat. I wanted to make it right and impress him. I was anxious to know where our dog Miles was staying. I really missed my dog.

What went through your mind when Anne said you would be cooking cacciucco, a seafood soup?
Never heard about cacciucco soup before. I was hoping that we could have made a real Brazilian moqueca, which is a coconut fish stew. Cacciucco is a very complicated dish; it’s imperative that you build the flavors, little by little, lots of moving parts and components. I had to courageously jump into the unknown. I felt lost and didn’t really know what I was doing. I read the recipe over and over but [it] was still very complicated. It was a hard task, that’s for sure.

It looks like you began your cooking very confidently, but as soon as you started improvising with your measurements, things got out of hand and Anne yelled at you. Did the pressure get to you?
When you compete like that, you must be aware of the time at all times. It was just four of us, two in each team, I had to run against time and of course pressure was there for all of us.

When you didn’t get the fish plated, what was going through your mind?
I was very disappointed in myself, because that fish was done perfectly and tasted fantastic. But Chef Anne’s recipe of cacciucco was so off-the-hook that Thomas and Kristen’s dad didn’t even miss the fish. It was so yummy and smelled just like heaven. Kind of indescribable!

Did you ever think you would make it this far in the competition?
Not at all. Especially because I just won one contest the whole competition. I sailed through the challenges, never was in the bottom two. I was so lucky to last this long in a cooking show. I did my very best in every challenge. I am a fierce competitor and will put [up] a good fight when needed. Had the time of my life on and off set, loved everyone in the house and also the studio crew. We were all a big, warm family. I wanted to experience this awesome opportunity to the fullest.

Is there one thing you leave the competition with, something you learned from Anne that you think will help you cook better in the future?
I knew absolutely nothing about cooking before I entered in this show. This is a true blessing for me. I learned so very much: I will never cut an onion like a wild person anymore, I enjoy building flavors, I’ve gotten to know my seasoning real well. When I cook in my house, I swear I can hear Chef Anne’s voice saying: “Brown food tastes good,” “BTB, RTS,” “low and slow,” “screaming hot,” “Salt your pasta water just like the ocean” and many more amazing things she taught me. That’s what I call didactic! What Chef Anne teaches, it sticks with you and will be there forever. Such an outstanding talent to teach and guide in a competition no less, very impressive. I always knew how much of an impact that food does make into our lives. Thank you so much, Chef Anne Burrell; I love you! I am having a blast in the kitchen, I am in love with cooking since I have been on the show, and I can’t stop cooking! I literally gained 10 pounds and I need to hit the gym immediately. I need my bikini body back; it’s almost summertime!

What will be something you’ll cook when you get back home, something to impress your friends and family?
I have been making outstanding salads that people never had before! My vinaigrette is a hit in West Hollywood. And my chicken has been taken to another level. Since my mom is a very skilled cook, I hope to be writing a cookbook together talking strictly about Brazilian food. It’s hard to impress her. When I go back to Brazil, I will be making the squid-ink pasta. I can’t wait.

Do you have any words of advice for your teammate Kristen in the finale?
Kristen looks like she is an experienced cook by now. She looks like she really knows what she is doing. To stay focused and not make any mistakes. And hey, watch out for Genique — she comes through round after round with an amazing focus. Eyes on the prize, my friends; it’s $25,000 at stake! Good luck to both Kristen and Genique! It was an immense pleasure sharing the stage with every single one of the cast. Definitely an unforgettable experience I will carry for the rest of my life!

Read more at:


JAN 4th – 14



Multiple Perosnality


JAN 4th – 14

Shooting Worst Cooks in America was an unforgettable experience. I loved every single moment of it!

This commercial was shot in NYC inside of a Church in lower Manhattan. I started with absolutely no lines given to me, but the director saw me talking, laughing and having fun with the other contestants, so he decided to pass to me some lines. This is the final product and If you haven’t seen yet, have fun and enjoy the quick ride.

Thanks for stopping by

lots of love

*you can see the video clicking the link: IMG_1730



JAN 22nd – 2015: Please if you know my mom, DO NOT TELL HER, I’ll be in big trouble! lol




JAN 20th – 2015

One of my favorite artists ever #BJORK releases new music



Leopold gets shot by fantastic photographer Tiger Phino


OH YES! I’ts Paella time! This recipe it’s from Food Network #foodnetwork, please enjoy it. That’s the same recipe we just learned at Worst Cooks in America #worstcooks. 

It’s so soulful and magical, absolutely delicious and so worth you try it at home. It also serves lots of people and can be a totally life of the party, the fantastic sexy Paella scent will take over the whole entire place and cooking with wine it’s just a joy.




JANUARY 2nd – 2015

The jabuticaba fruit is unusual in that it appears to blossom right out of the bark and trunk of its tree. The tree may even look covered in purple warts or pimples when it is fully in season. It is often used in its native lands in South America much like grapes are used elsewhere. Jabuticaba wines and liqueurs are both popular and exquisite!

The name jabuticaba, derived from the Tupi word Jabuti (tortoise) + Caba (place), meaning the place where you find tortoises. The Guarani name is “Yvapurũ”, where yva means fruit, and the onomatopoeic word purũ for the crunching sound the fruit produces when bitten.

The jabuticaba tree, which appears as a charge on the coat of arms of Contagem, Minas Gerais, Brazil, has become a widely used species in the art of bonsai, particularly in Taiwan and parts of the Caribbean.


In Brazil, it is common to refer to something allegedly unique to the country as a “jabuticaba” since the tree supposedly only grows in Brazil.


My loving parents had a small ranch in NOVA FRIBURGO, it’s 3 hours drive from Rio and it’s Rio’s high montains, the weather there is just always fantastic so everything grows out there. Very good soil. We had a jabuticaba tree at the ranch and we always used to climb that tree for these sweet and exotic treats. So yummy. My fantastic grandma use to make Jabuticaba compote and jam. Will never forget those moments. 




JANUARY 1st/2014:

Hi my dear friends! I’d like to start the year in a good, or better said, AWESOME note!

Caipirinha is a brazilian tradition and we have it all the time out there! It’s tangy, delicious, refreshing and hey, you totally get a kick out of it. It’s made with the fantastic CACHACA, a brazilian spirit, a sugar cane based alcohol beverage. It can be really strong so please pace yourself, Caipirinha is made with lots of sugar so you can be easily fooled with the “sweet” taste and be all drunk way too soon into the party! It happened to me maybe too many times! Oba!

Some like to say that it’s Brazil’s best-kept secret, but I don’t think that’s true anymore, Caipirinha it’s so popular right now all over the world, you can easily find this fun cocktail in various places and all over the world! It’s a hit! But I must say, not every Caipirinha tastes like Rio.

I remember my dad being very admin about his way to prepare it. I’ll try to give you all the tools here to prepare your Rio de Janeiro tasting Caipirinha!

1 lime and/or lemon or any other fruit!!!!
2 ounces of cachaça
sugar to taste
ice cubes

Yep! Simple ingredients but what makes a real caipirinha it’s the way you make it. Here we go:

– Wash all limes and roll it with pressure to loosen the juices.

– Cut in halves, now this is the TOP SECRET tip, every so often I catch bartenders skipping this step. You MUST cut off the white membrane, the middle of the lime, if you don’t, it’s going to be bitter, there is no way out!

– Cut the limes into pieces and place them into wide and medium short glasses (like whiskey glasses), sprinkle with sugar (you can also use brown sugar or even honey).

– Crush and smash all limes with sugar or honey, my dad used to tell us not to over do it, it can get bitter as well. Use a wooden pestle to do so, we Brazilians we have those specifically for Caipirinha, but feel free to improv with what ever you have handy.

– Now the fun part: add the booze! Cachaca! OBA!

– Last but not the least, add CRUSHED ice, trust me, it makes the whole difference when the ice is crushed. Just put all ice inside of a cloth and crush the with a socket or give them a good beating. Oops that sounded naughty. Hahaha, I guess it’s the Cachaca already.

– Stir with long utensil, from bottom up, stirring everything up and don’t forget to decorate with a lime.

Hosting a party of  more than 4 of you? Make it party size on a pitcher, just figure out how many people is joining you “Caipirinha” fun and multiply all amounts. Ok, no Cachaca? Not a problem, work it out with Vodka and make a “Caipiroska” or if you dig rum, replace it with it and create your own “Caipirissima”.

The sky is the limit, so you can replace the limes with berries, with lychees and of course all kinds of citrusy fruits, like tangerine or grapefruit. I also love to go wild and throw some basil there or even mint to the mix, make your caipirinha stand out with creative ways. Have fun!








I have my own Imdb now! YUHOOOO!





Hi my friends!

I chose today this image to share, hope you guys enjoy it! It was shot and edited by one of my favorite photographers in LA – Italian Flaminia Fanale. 

I am very influenced by Brazilian native indians, my true ancestors. My dad was born in Terezina, Piaui on northeast Brazil. Lots of indians in that area! 

I just love playing with paint and covering my body in layers and layers of color. It feels right. Great creative outlet. I recommend to anyone. hehe

This image was shot in East Hollywood on the streets, guerrilla style. Just set up and go kind of feel in an extremely hot LA afternoon.





403900_406839482695463_865713594_n 222662_186836564695757_3211244_n


For my first blog write up I would like to talk about my dear friends in Brazil and our collaborations. Ah hey, how much I miss Rio and the beach. This is my very first blog write up, so bear with me, I will be talking about Brazil, I’ve been so home sick lately. So here we are. Those images are one of my favorites works and collaborations I’ve done while visiting my homeland couple of years ago. It’s styled by my number one favorite designer and stylist Edson Galvao, aka and known by all as Gal and photographed by ultra talented Marcio Martins. Please enjoy a little bit of Carnaval with all those feathers and colors. 





My birthday was out of this world!

Had so much fun at The Standard Hotel on Sunset last Friday, Dec 5th/14

I’d love to thank everyone that came thorough and dance all night long with me.

A night to remember!hf

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  1. u are such an amazing personality!
    I just love how you just live your life.
    Enjoyed your blog
    Cheers in 2015
    Michael Bonda

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