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Leopold was shot by Austin Young,

make up by Alfred Mercado, headpiece by Chernobyl Show Design, jewelry by Karol Bfly, shoes by Fernando Pires, Skirt by Shokra LA

Leopold by Austin Young


Call him what you will. Drag Queen, Gender Bender, Performance Artist but if you see a Leopold Nunan show you will be amazed and will most likely never forget it. He borders around freaky and nasty and one thing is for sure he is talented and gives the children something different that is out of the norm. Leopold is a little boy from Brazil making his American dream come true out of a West Hollywood apartment here in sunny So. Cal. He’s been featured in the Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” and has other shows in the works. He’s a singer, a performance artist and actor and just a fun, colorful wave of energy. He’s what Brazil is about. The boy from Ipanema. I had the opportunity of chatting with him about his latest single, “Multiple Personality,” Carnaval and of course losing his virginity. Gasp! Check it children.

Samara: What childhood experiences do you think have shaped who you are today?
Leopold: I was born and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At home my father hosted Bamba jam sessions with great bossa nova and jazz. My parents had me sing every time guests came over. Mom used to stop the party and make me sing to everyone. I also went to almost every Carnaval, since I was four years old. I remember when the drums of Samba School passed me by, it felt like an earthquake vibrating my soul. The vivid colors and costumes of Carnaval played a permanent part of my artistic expression.

Samara: Who are some of the artists that inspired you growing up?
Leopold: My early days were full of jazz, samba, bossa nova and Brazilian popular and regional music. I am influenced by samba/soul Brazilian music. Divas like Carmen Miranda, Ney Matogrosso, ElzaSoares, Gal Costa and specially Rita Lee, legendary original singer from “OsMutantes” have for sure shaped my music background.

Samara: How does your family feel about your art form?
Leopold: My father attended almost every performance and show I ever did since I was a child through my twenties. He was the most supportive person in my entire life even though he was much older than my mother. My mother just didn’t get it and had a hard time accepting me as I got older. My other two brothers were not accepting of me either, especially when I started to dress up like a club kid, as I certainly loved to push boundaries. Most Brazilian men, try to create a macho culture, just like a lot of other Latino countries. Today, I believe, my family are all accepting of my artistic expression.

Samara: Did you grow up religious?
Leopold: My parents put all kids in a catholic school in Rio, Colegio Sao Paulo in Ipanema. From first grade to high school. The nuns were very modern and entertaining, we had singing and music classes with lots of theatre. They allowed us to perform in school with rock bands and let us go to the beach to play soccer. They were absolutely awesome!

Samara: What were you taught about sex when you were growing up?
Leopold: I feel lucky because I had very open minded and smart parents who taught us what love really is. Brazil has a very liberal culture, sex is a natural thing. There is a lot of flirting in Rio de Janeiro. It’s warm and the city hangs out on the beach, so it’s a body conscious community. Very free and liberal!

Samara: Tell us about losing your virginity?
Leopold: This is the most interesting question anyone ever asked me in an interview in my career and I am actually ultra excited and deliciously surprised to know that people want to know about me losing my virginity. Ha! So flattering! I actually lost my virginity with a girl. She used to live on the 6th floor of a Copacabana condo I grew up in. She was a control freak dominatrix and wanted to take charge and tell me what to do. Well, that didn’t fly so well and I just stepped up and taught her a lesson. I remember it was amazing!

Samara: You seem like a NY artist. Ever thought about making the move to NY?
Leopold: I love NYC – the home of the most spectacular theatre scene in the world, and I love theatre. Very attracted by the club scene and the fashion world that pulses in NYC. I feel at home there. I would love to be a bicoastal artist, LA and NYC. Also really enjoy the energy of Chicago and San Francisco!

Samara: Do you create all your own costumes and looks?
Leopold: Yes, I create the majority of them. I love characters and play with costumes, make up and looks. I totally have a kick playing with my theatrical – drag – crazy wardrobe archives. I can come up with so many different looks with what I have stored. Love to collaborate with other designers and costumes creators. I am very lucky with the friends I work with; great people helping me with make up, headpieces, costumes and looks when I need help.

Samara: Tell us about any new music?
Leopold: I was always an independent recording artist in Brazil. I had the pleasure of striking three world hits, “Generator, “Feel the House” and “I’ve Got it” done by my early twenties. I love making electronic music, especially house music! I just released my first single in the US, “Multiple Personality” with six different dance versions followed by a fun music video, in which I create different characters thirty-eight times. A hilarious must see! It strongly suggests the message that everyone in this world needs to co exist together, whoever you are or might be. I am working on releasing my next single with a music video. “Got to Be Strong” and “Bate Bum Bum”. This single brings me back to my Rio De Janeiro funky roots. An album to be released by years end. Go to leopoldnunan.com. I would appreciate to please add me to your social medias with #leopoldnunan

Leopold by Austin Young
Samara: Any other projects?
Leopold: This year has been a great one. I shot with the Food Network the hit show “Worst Cooks in America” season 6 and totally surprised myself by making into the finals of the competition. After that I booked really fun shows, like The Walk of Shame Shuttle on VH1 and I am loving to explore my acting career. For this year I have lots planned. After launching my first video, Multiple Personality, I am coming up with two more, I can’t wait to release it. “Got to be Strong” and “Bate Bum Bum” will be released this year. I am very excited in launching Bate Bum Bum because It’s a up beat, favela funk and the US is not familiar with the beat. We want to fire up the dance floor with some Rio de Janeiro flavor.




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