Leopold loves Carmen Miranda!

A little homage for our great and unique Brazilian Artist, the phenomenal Carmen Miranda, our pride and joy. Every time that I am homesick, I bring the Carmen’s tropicalia realm into my life. I comforts me. Carmen also brought relief in the 40’s to all the American people while the war was being wrapped. Everyone … Read moreLeopold loves Carmen Miranda!


Read all interview here: Leopold was shot by Austin Young, make up by Alfred Mercado, headpiece by Chernobyl Show Design, jewelry by Karol Bfly, shoes by Fernando Pires, Skirt by Shokra LA SEPTEMBER 2015  Call him what you will. Drag Queen, Gender Bender, Performance Artist but if you see a Leopold Nunan show you will be amazed and will … Read moreLEOPOLD NUNAN AT ADELANTE MAGAZINE